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What is Obama Home Help

What is Obama Home Help | Stop Foreclosure TodayRecent legislation has been sent for congress approval and many homeowners are trying to found out what is Obama home help. Very few details about the legislation have been released since it is only a proposal. The President is trying to crackdown on foreclosure and aiming to help millions of homeowners with underwater mortgages or those that are just entering foreclosure. The past 10 years have been increasingly difficult for many homeowners. Homes have been lost, jobs have been lost and the only people that seem to be doing well are not as well off as people think. Homeowners need real help and what we do is find the programs that can help. Time is very important and we work very quickly to help stop foreclosure.

What is Obama Home Help

The idea is to help grant extended forbearance to homeowners or to help modify an existing mortgage. The only catch to the new help programs is that each mortgage must be government secured. The problem is that once foreclosure happens finding out the real owner of a mortgage is complicated. The stock market is full of traders and sellers that deal strictly in mortgages. Trying to negotiate with a company that does not own your mortgage is a losing battle. This is one of the leading causes of foreclosure. The President’s program does come with some strict guidelines that homeowners must adhere to if the application is to be approved.

The approval qualifications are:

• Mortgage older than 2009
• Loan of not more than $729,750
• You must be able to prove financial hardship
• You can provide documented income and expenses
• You have never had a felony or criminal charge

These are the basic qualifications and it becomes more complicated depending on the program that is selected. The government requires many different application forms that must be correctly completed and within the correct amount of time. Your eligibility could be compromised if a mistake or error is present in your documentation. Finding out the process to use and what is Obama home help benefits can prepare you to stop foreclosure from happening. We are experts that understand how desperate your situation might be. All of the assistance that we provide is designed to provide you with immediate help to change your current circumstances and future.

“What is Obama Home Help”

Avoid Foreclosure employs knowledgeable associates that give homeowners the immediate help that they need to find a solution to stop foreclosure. There are many help programs if you know where to find them and how to correctly apply. What we do is use all of our resources after understanding your personal situation. We know that foreclosure is very damaging to your personal credit and explore all options to help. A government program might not be the right solution to help you. Get the solution at 1-800-589-4106. We work very quickly and know that you could be in advanced stages of foreclosure. You have a right to stop the process and we can help make that happen. Your search to understand what is Obama home help brought you to us.

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