What is a Short Sale?

One of the solutions that help you to avoid foreclosure is a short sale. The simple definition of a short sale is the quick sale of your property to satisfy your mortgage lender or bank. Being past due on your mortgage payments is a major problem for your bank or lender that earns a profit from the money loaned to you. A short sale is a popular way to avoid the negativities that foreclosure brings to your life and to your credit rating. Our team of foreclosure experts is here to help you with a short sale to stop foreclosure from complicating your life.

Without the option of a short sale, a home can be sold at a public auction and create an embarrassing announcement to the community that your home is being put on the auction block. A short sale is a solution that was created to help homeowners stop foreclosure before it progresses into the sale of a property. The short sale does not appear on your credit report and will not affect your future ability to receive approval for another loan. Banks and lenders often require approval before a short sale since they will end up settling for a reduced sale price.The Advantages of a Short Sale

• No Pursuit of Overdue Payments or Unpaid Balances
• No Current Tax Liability on Defaulted Mortgage
• Can Still Qualify for Future Mortgages
• Better Than Foreclosure or Bankruptcy on Your Credit Report
• Gets You Out of Your Mortgage for Good
• No Cost to You
• Eligible to Receive Cash at Closing from FHA or HAFA Programs

Short Sales Offer You a Win, Win Scenario

Struggling to pay your overdue and continuing monthly mortgage payments is stressful and downright exhausting. The pressure that foreclosure puts on your life is undone with a short sale. The short sale was integrated into federal housing laws to provide homeowners with a way out of a bad mortgage or one that is too expensive to pay due to financial hardships, death or other tragedies. Lawmakers enacted this legislation to provide you with the ability to stand up and battle your mortgage lender or bank with the power of your consumer rights.

It costs you more money than you realize when your property enters foreclosure. You are still responsible for the past due payments, current payments and losses incurred by your bank or mortgage lender. It is not uncommon to be pursued 5, 10 or 20 years for unpaid debt from a foreclosed mortgage. Our foreclosure experts can stop you from going through the foreclosure process by assisting you with a short sale. You have no time to waste and nothing to lose by calling 1-800-589-4106 and letting our experts take off the load your mortgage has placed on your shoulders.

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