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Stop Non Judicial Foreclosure

Stop Non Judicial Foreclosure | Avoid ForeclosureIf you live in a state that does not need court approval for foreclosure, you could stop non judicial foreclosure if you know how. There are many states that will allow a bank or mortgage lender to go through the foreclosure process without spending any time getting judicial approval. Georgia, Texas and California are just three examples of states that do not protect homeowners with judicial filings of foreclosure. The law in most states is pretty complex and even seasoned attorneys have to do a lot of research to try and provide a blockade to foreclosure. There are several options that you can use to your advantage regardless if the lender or bank you are battling is from your state or not.

Stop Non Judicial Foreclosure

While no foreclosure is ever a good thing, homeowners that are represented in a judicial state have at least the protection of state law working on their side. The legal process can take many months and it can be used to buy a lot of extra time to plan your next move. In a non judicial foreclosure, basic laws govern how the process can take place. This means that from the time you are notified and up until the time that your home is auctioned off is very short. It is a lot harder to stop a foreclosure from happening in the non judicial states unless and experienced person is assisting you. A sheriff or appointed trustee will have the legal right to sell your home if you do not fight non judicial processes.

You can try to stop the process yourself or with the aid of an attorney. You must understand the law in your state and have the mortgage documents that you signed upon home purchase carefully examined. These documents will be the proof that a bank or lender will use to enact its power of sale. This is the state statute that is written in most mortgage contracts giving the power to foreclose and sell a property. An action can be filed in court against a mortgage lender that could allow you to join into the auction sale. A lawsuit can give you the delay that you need to put a temporary stop on foreclosure. What a lender or bank would have to prove is that the original mortgage deed is held and in tact. The buying and selling of housing securities on Wall Street is complicating the process of showing ownership of these original documents. This could be what you need to stop foreclosure.

“Stop Non Judicial Foreclosure”

Avoid Foreclosure is not a law firm or company that gives legal advice. We are in the business of providing free help to homeowners that are about to lose their beloved home. It is frustrating and upsetting when you feel you have run out of options. That’s usually the moment that a homeowner contacts our company. We are here to help you prevent a bank or lender from pushing you around. Call us today at 1-800-589-4106. We can help you stop non judicial foreclosure.

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