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Stop Foreclosure in California

Stop Foreclosure in California You can stop foreclosure in California if you know the exact process you are fighting. The problem with most foreclosures is that homeowners do not know the very laws they are fighting against. Hiring an attorney is possible to avoid foreclosure, but paying for one can be troubling for someone in financial distress. You can get out of pending foreclosure if you know the procedures that are followed by a bank or lender. A precise system of events happens to every person that goes through foreclosure in California.

Stop Foreclosure in California

California is mostly a non-judicial foreclosure state. This actually means that banks and lending institutions can begin throwing you out of a property without approval of a court of law. California is one of the most unique states because of the housing laws. Both non-judicial and judicial foreclosure can and does happen frequently. The amount of time that you have depends on if the lender that owns the deed to your property decides to seek court approval or not. The notice of default is the first correspondence you will receive when a lender or bank is considering a full-fledged foreclosure of your property.

To stop foreclosure in California, you have to know some basic details. The first is that the entire process takes about 120 days. The time that you have available begins ticking away as soon as a notice of default is mailed. It does not start when you open up the letter and read it. A delay in mail delivery or an incorrect mailing address can expedite your property to full foreclosure fast. The third month is when a trustee sale will take place. This happens when offers to satisfy your past due mortgage have failed or a bank or lender has decided to press forward with an auction.

There is no right of redemption in California law. This means that when your house is sold, it is instantly transferred to the new owners. You will be immediately evicted from the property. One thing that some homeowners fail to realize is that the property does not have to be sold. If no bidders win the auction, the deed is transferred back to the lender. You lose either way with a foreclosure auction in any of the 58 California counties. You now know the entire process of California foreclosure. What you need now is someone fighting for your rights to get you out of it.

Stop Foreclosure in California

Avoid Foreclosure knows exactly what to do to keep foreclosure from causing you any additional pain and suffering. When you can’t pay your mortgage, all your friends and family can do is sympathize but that doesn’t help. You need a strong fighter that knows the law. Attorneys are expensive when you are already behind on mortgage payments. Our specialists introduce homeowners around the country to multiple ways to foreclosure can be stopped and stopped instantly free of charge. Call our experts toll free at 1-800-589-4106. Let us show you the way to stop foreclosure in California.

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