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Stop Foreclosure Auction Immediately

Stop Foreclosure Auction Immediately | Avoid ForeclosureGetting a sale date letter in the mail can leave you in a panic how to stop foreclosure auction immediately and stay in your home. It might have been some time before you heard from your bank or lender but they never stop working against you. Auction dates are usually a shock and can be scheduled anytime between one month and six months after notice of foreclosure is mailed. The auction is the last step. Some lenders even send real estate agents or other known buyers to bid on your home. The last thing that banks and lenders want is for you to keep your home. Them throwing you out fast is their only goal. You can stop foreclosure when you learn the facts and have access to professional foreclosure help.

Stop Foreclosure Auction Immediately

What happens during an auction is as close to criminal as you can get. Lenders are only required by law to announce an auction date and to notify you of it. They can come in on that day and ruin your entire life. The selling of your home is given to the highest bidder regardless of the memories you have created inside. You are usually given 30 days or less to vacate the property once the deed is transferred to the new owner of your home. Some homeowners have been successful at stopping foreclosure on their own, but these are rare cases and are not part of the foreclosure majority. Foreclosure is one of the fastest moving documents through the U.S. legal system.

You can stop foreclosure but you have to work fast. Most laws grant you a 48-hour deadline before the auction takes place. All of the options to avoid a full foreclosure must be completed and approved before the auction. A short sale is one of the options you can explore. Trying to get out of foreclosure with a bankruptcy is risky and the federal paperwork might not be approved in time. The short sale must be approved before the auction date set by lenders or banks. The process can take some time because your approved agent must negotiate and file notices directly on your behalf. Selecting the right person for this job is extremely important. Your entire future will depend on the person or entity fighting in your corner.

“Stop Foreclosure Auction Immediately”

Avoid Foreclosure specialists have heard thousands of stories about foreclosure. We know that all homeowners are real human beings and we work hard for them. We are probably the most compassionate and understanding partners to have when going head-to-head with sleazy banks and mortgage lending institutions. We know short sales and how to get them to stop foreclosure. You can contact one of experts right now at 1-800-589-4106. The call is free and we know you don’t have a lot of time to figure out a solution. We evaluate your circumstances and help you understand all of your avoid foreclosure options. With us working exclusively in your corner, we know how to stop foreclosure auction immediately.

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