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Should I Short Sell My Home

Should I Short Sell My Home | Stop Foreclosure with a Short SaleOne question that we receive almost daily is the one that starts with should I short sell my home. We are one of the few companies that get to see from a ground level the hurt and frustration that foreclosure brings. You can understand all day long about statistics until you speak with people battling foreclosure. A short sale on your home is one option that can get banks or lenders off your back. There are some advantages to using this method to stop foreclosure compared with other programs. Our assistance programs can provide the help that you need, but only if you’re ready to make a decision to get rid of foreclosure now.

Should I Short Sell My Home or Not?

It is helpful if you understand what a short sale is before you agree to doing it. When you obtain a mortgage, you are contractually obligated to pay for the debt on your home and your mortgage company owns your mortgage. A short sale is an arrangement made with your bank or your lender that allows your home to be sold for less than the amount that you still owe. The final decision to approve a short sale request can only be made by your mortgage owner. The large number of people walking out on mortgages has made it more difficult to get short sale approval especially if you are several months behind in house payments. Asking questions online like should I short sell my home can bring up statistics of many homeowner failures.

A short sale usually does not come with the negative credit aspects that a full-blown foreclosure comes with. The amount that is written off by a lender is not so damaging to your personal credit. A short sale on your credit record might complicate you obtaining a new mortgage for a couple of years, but it is far less than the 7 to 10 years attached to a foreclosure. It takes negotiations from a person or entity that has experience with short sales to achieve a successful outcome. Unlike with other foreclosure help programs, a short sale decision is only one that is considered one time. Lenders do not keep an open file and allow more than one request for a short sale. This is why some homeowners fail to get approval because mistakes are made during the application for short sale process.

“Should I Short Sell My Home”

Avoid Foreclosure can evaluate the state of foreclosure that you are in and provide helpful assistance to you fast. We know that time is running out for you and want you to be fully informed about the good and the bad with a short sale. Running out of time is scary and frustrating when you don’t know what to do. Let our experts help you today. Call us toll free at 1-800-589-4106 and we can get started fast. You can even get our help by completing the form on our first page. Don’t wait for a better solution to come your way because it won’t. Doing something today will help you today and not tomorrow. You can avoid foreclosure. You can stop wondering should I short sell my home.



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