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Short Sale vs Regular Sale

Short Sale vs Regular Sale | Avoid ForeclosureWhat about short sale vs regular sale? Which one is better to avoid foreclosure? Facing foreclosure is a lonely and stressful period of time. Anyone that has been through foreclosure knows it. There are only two options you can choose when foreclosure happens to you. You can stay and fight or you can let your bank or lender throw you out of your house. You can fight and you can lose but at least you tried. What we do is help people understand short sale versus regular sale when considering how to avoid foreclosure for good. Whatever you do today will always affect what happens to you tomorrow. Acting fast and doing something to put a blockade in between you and foreclosure helps a lot.

Short Sale vs Regular Sale

A short sale has benefits that a regular sale does not. One benefit is the speed factor. When you get approval early, a short sale can be one of your greatest assets to stop foreclosure before it ruins your life and your credit. A bank or lender knows that a sale of the property is the only way that some of the mortgage owed will be paid. When mortgage owners approve a short sale, the property can go to market very quickly compared with a regular sale. Many real estate investors search for foreclosed properties or short sales and usually make a fast purchase. This severely reduces the waiting period from start to finish to short sell a property.

A regular sale is not as attractive to buyers as a short sale can be. One of the negatives of using a regular sale is that a real estate agent is the only qualified person that can sell a property. Banks and lenders must spend extra time and money to find a company or independent agent to list the property for sale. This adds to the already tight schedule of escalating the foreclosure process. The listing fees and closing fees are always payable. A regular sale property can sit for many months if a buyer cannot negotiate a lower price. The sale price for a regular sale can traditionally be higher compared with a short sale property. If you are exploring the short sale vs regular sale process, now you know the biggest differences between the two.

“Short Sale vs Regular Sale”

Avoid Foreclosure specialists know how difficult finding good information can be online. We help educate homeowners just like you on how to stop foreclosure using non-traditional methods. You don’t have to sit and let foreclosure ruin your personal life. If you spend another day waiting on your bank or lender to help you, you will put yourself further behind and face imminent foreclosure. A short sale could be the right method to get you out from under your overdue mortgage. The damaging effects on your personal credit can be avoided. Call our experts right now at 1-800-589-4106 and let us give you the help you deserve. We can even walk you through all the details of a short sale vs regular sale.

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