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How to Stop Foreclosure Without an Attorney

How to Stop Foreclosure Without an Attorney | Avoid ForeclosureLawyers are expensive. Anyone that has ever hired an attorney can verify that fact. When you are battling foreclosure, the last thing that you should have to do is to pay thousands of dollars for help that might not fix your problem. Hiring an attorney is always optional and you might be aware that some homeowners have learned how to stop foreclosure without an attorney. There are a few things that you can do on your own if you know how to get help to avoid foreclosure and get your life back.

How You Can Stop Foreclosure Without an Attorney*

Loan modifications are designed to help a struggling homeowner to restructure their original payments. A financial hardship or other matter can make it difficult for a person to make agreed upon payments. The length of the loan and type of the loan are two of the factors that are considered. What you don’t know is that loan modifications rarely get approved. In the case that they are approved, you will be bound by a brand new mortgage document that could be sold or assigned to a new lender. A single missed payment during the course of this loan can result in foreclosure. You might already be a victim of this scenario.

Some mortgages are sold to Wall Street investors as part of a securities package. Investors buy this debt and speculate if the debtors will pay off the debt in the required time period or not. Studies have reported that up to 85 percent of all mortgage loans are securitized by the original lenders over the course of the loan agreement. This is how third party companies end up owning a mortgage and enforcing foreclosure. You can fight back if you are trying to save your home. You don’t have to pay an attorney to find out if your mortgage has been sold. Going to the SEC website you can do a public search of a “Pooling and Servicing” agreement. This will tell you if your original lender sold your mortgage and if the foreclosure notice that you have received from the current mortgage holder can be enforced.

Stop Foreclosure Help is Available Right Now

The experts at Avoid Foreclosure speak with you immediately when you call 1-800-589-4106. Our passionate team of foreclosure specialists can help you find the foreclosure help that you need. Losing your home is a last resort. Foreclosure is a battle and you can fight back with experts willing to help you using every available resource.

*This information is not a substitute for legal advice and is purely educational in nature


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