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Foreclosure Defense without a Lawyer

Foreclosure Defense without a Lawyer | Stop Foreclosure HelpGetting behind on mortgage payments if often the cause of a financial disruption and you could find it is cheaper to mount a foreclosure defense without a lawyer. Many people have explored alternative options like this and had positive outcomes. Most people are afraid of state and federals laws because of lack of knowledge. This is why attorneys cost so much. They know what to do and how to do it. Attorneys are great, but when you cannot afford one your options are very limited. Preparing a foreclosure defense is a must if you have been served with legal paperwork in a judicial foreclosure state.

Foreclosure Defense without a Lawyer 

Getting more time to battle a lender can seem like it’s not possible but it is possible. Attorneys do this with a motion. A motion is a legal maneuver that asks the court to do something. Things like give you more time, dismissing a judgment or rule out some pieces of evidence. This is a legal court document that must be filed with the clerk in your county. You do not need to be an attorney to file a motion. Most paperwork for a motion document lists the time frame that you are allowed after a motion is granted. Typically 30 days is the maximum amount granted in a foreclosure case. If you can file a motion, you could extend your time frame by one month. This could easily be the deciding factor in saving your home from foreclosure.

Most people assume that a bank has the right to just foreclosure because they own or control the deed. Each state has a process of foreclosure, but most mortgage agreements must have clearly written terms and conditions that are presented and agreed upon by you at the time of closing. A process known as a condition precedent must take place before a foreclosure can happen. Your mortgage agreement should spell out this process in easy to understand terms so you know how to battle a lender if necessary. Homeowners that do not understand their mortgage agreement usually get swept up by their lenders due to misinformation. Knowing your rights under the Truth in Lending Act can help you build your foreclosure defense without a lawyer.

“Foreclosure Defense without a Lawyer”

Avoid Foreclosure experts are standing by right now at 1-800-589-4106 to listen and offer help to your personal need for assistance. We are a team of foreclosure specialists that work very hard for homeowners around the U.S. battling a first or second mortgage holder. You must know your rights. We can help. You don’t have to go through foreclosure alone. Getting help is what can separate you from those that lose their home and those that know what options to take to fight and build a foreclosure defense without a lawyer.

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