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Consequences of Foreclosure

Consequences of ForeclosureEvery decision that you make in life takes an action that turns into a reaction. When your bank or lender notifies you of foreclosure, this action is designed to cause a reaction. Not every homeowner reacts quickly to these notices and can face the consequences of foreclosure. Knowing what you are up against is difficult. Your bank will not help educate you. The only resources that you have are your own. The power is in your hands to prevent foreclosure from taking control over your life. What you do not know yet is how to stop foreclosure from happening.

The first consequence of a foreclosure is the public notice. By law, every bank or mortgage lender that is granted the right to proceed with foreclosure must make a public notice. This means that a huge newspaper advertisement will be taken out in multiple newspapers announcing that foreclosure is happening to you. Your name, address, back mortgage payments and total of your mortgage will now be publicly accessible. Court documents are also published and any of your neighbors, friends or family members will have access to this embarrassing data.

The second consequence of a foreclosure is the negative credit rating you receive. Your good name is important for your financial health. Many employers are now performing background checks on current and new employees. If you work in any industry that involves cash or handling cash, you could be subject to termination for violating company policies. People with bad credit are just as much of a precaution to employers as thieves. People that are in desperate financial situations often do things they would not normally do. Trying to live a life with a huge amount of debt following you is very difficult. Stopping foreclosure before it happens can prevent this from happening to you.

You Can Stop Foreclosure by Getting Free Help

We are here to help you. We know how difficult a letter from your bank is to deal with. You have no time to wait to make your decision. Your mortgage company is working very hard behind the scenes to take your home away. Don’t let a new person move into your home and take away the life that you have built. Avoid Foreclosure experts are ready to help you find the best way to stop foreclosure and prevent the consequences of foreclosure from taking away your happiness.

Call 1-800-589-4106 now to speak to someone that cares about you and your home.


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