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Can You Sell Your House if It is in Foreclosure

Can You Sell Your House if it is in Foreclosure | Avoid ForeclosureGetting a letter that you have entered into foreclosure might have you wondering can you sell your house if it is in foreclosure. There are many circumstances that are similar for homeowners but not every solution is perfect. The thought of getting rid of your home and alleviating yourself from a mortgage is normal to think about. You already know that banks and lenders pretty much write you off whenever you try to negotiate or ask for help. What you are left with is to try and search for third party help. We provide the help you can use to stop foreclosure and get out of your mortgage. There are several options you can explore when you are researching selling your house.

Can You Sell Your House If it is in Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a frustrating time in your life. The good news about finding a way out is that you could qualify to sell your home. Some homeowners try to do what is called a Died in Lieu of Foreclosure. This is not a sale. This is surrendering your mortgage back to the original lender. There could be potential credit issues with this foreclosure alternative. One of the best ways that you can use to get out from under your overdue mortgage is known as a short sale. The concept of a short sale is relatively easy to understand. A negotiation takes place with a mortgage lender and the lender makes a decision to allow a short sale.

There is a third option that you could use to avoid foreclosure. This option is a sale to a private investor. The investor has two choices to make. The first is to takeover the payments and rent the house back to you. The second is to buy the home and turn it into a rental property. Both of these methods can also get you out of a foreclosure for good. The implications on your credit rating are zero.  Between these methods and a short sale, you could find the right option to stop the foreclosure process and take back your life. Selling your home might not be the decision that you want to make but your future could depend on it. Do you want to suffer with negative credit for 20 years? A full blown foreclosure is very hard to remove on your credit report.

“Can You Sell Your House If it is in Foreclosure”

Avoid Foreclosure is made up of a team of housing experts. You are not speaking to someone working in a call center that refers you to someone that can help. We help real homeowners like you each and every day of the year. Every circumstance is different, but emotions are real and the impact of foreclosure is emotionally damaging. Let us help you today. Call us at 1-800-589-4106. We have the solution to help you sell your house if that is the decision that you make. You will not have to search the Internet one minute longer. You don’t have to ask can you sell your house if it is in foreclosure.


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