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Avoid Deficiency Judgment Florida Foreclosure

Avoid Deficiency Judgment Florida Foreclosure | Avoid ForeclosureThe lack of online information how to avoid deficiency judgment Florida foreclosure is one contributing factor to homeowners losing their homes. Foreclosure rates are at an all-time high and not just in Florida. The problem for most homeowners is the lack of good information that is received in the right amount of time. There are currently no free help solutions online apart from what we publish here on our website. Your personal credit can be damaged due to foreclosure and this is why it is so important to avoid foreclosure at all costs. There are some ways that you can avoid a deficiency judgment and not every method will be right for everyone. Understanding the different methods can help you decide which could be right for you.

Avoid Deficiency Judgment Florida Foreclosure

It is best to understand what a deficiency judgment is before you can avoid one. States like Florida have statutes that allow a bank, mortgage lender or other entity to legally sue you in a court of law for any unpaid or forgiven balance that you owe on your home. The mortgage contract that you get when you purchase your home will be enforced by a judge. The outcome of most foreclosures that are not stopped can linger for up to 20 years. This means that a lender can seize your assets or garnish your wages stemming from a deficiency judgment. This is why it is so important to avoid one on your credit. We provide alternative solutions to homeowners nationwide that cannot afford an attorney or have explored and failed at all known options.

One problem you could experience when trying to stop foreclosure is trying to find the exact owner of your mortgage. The company that you make payments to might not be the actual owner. When lenders and banks stop communicating with you, the time is ticking away and you get closer and closer to losing your home and getting a deficiency judgment against you. You can try a loan modification but these take a long time. You can try to file for a bankruptcy but you have to be approved. You can explore alternatives like a short sale that has been successful for many homeowners. What you should know is that each day that you take to make a decision is one day closer to disaster. Many homeowners wait until time is close to running out before seeking help. We can help you right now.

“Avoid Deficiency Judgment Florida Foreclosure”

Avoid Foreclosure knows the frustrations that you feel and face during a foreclosure. What we don’t want to see is you get hunted down by banks or lenders for the next 20 years. Your life will be made miserable and you can forget about getting a loan, lease, credit card or other unsecured credit ever again. You have a choice to do something to stop foreclosure for good. Our staff is friendly and sympathetic. We know foreclosure struggles and how to stop them right now. Call us toll free at 1-800-589-4106 and you can avoid deficiency judgment Florida foreclosure.

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